Spring 2011

ICS 624

ICS 624: Advanced Data Management

Exploration of information retrieval and object-relational tools and methods for the management of distributed multimedia database systems
MATH 612

MATH 612: Modern Algebra II

Modules, Sylow theorems, Jordan-Holder theorem, unique factorization domains, Galois theory, algebraic closures, transcendence bases.
ICS 668

ICS 668: Social Informatics

An advanced introduction to the design of human-computer systems and other technological artifacts for supporting human collaboration in learning, work and social contexts, and to theoretical perspectives and empirical studies of collaboration that inform such design.
ICS 691

ICS 691: Social Computing

Social computing is an umbrella term for technologies and virtual spaces that allow users to create, describe and share content, and for the communities that arise around them. The goal of this course is to survey theoretical and practical instances of social computing such as blogs, social bookmarking, classification and recommendation systems, compare them with traditional professional equivalents, and evaluate how these diverse perspectives can inform one another.

Fall 2010

ICS 661

ICS 661: Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Current issues in artificial intelligence, including expert systems, knowledge representation, logic programming, learning, natural language processing.
MATH 611

MATH 611: Modern Algebra I

Modules, Sylow theorems, Jordan-Holder theorem, unique factorization domains, Galois theory, algebraic closures, transcendence bases.
ICS 331

ICS 331: Logic Design and Microprocessors

Basic machine architecture, microprocessors, bus organization, circuit elements, logic circuit analysis and design, microcomputer system design.

Summer 2010

MATH 412

MATH 412: Abstract Algebra

Algebraic structures. Groups, finite groups, abelian groups, rings, integral domains, fields, factorization, polynomial rings, field extensions, quotient fields.

Spring 2010

MATH 475

MATH 475: Combinatorial Mathematics

Finite configurations. Topics may include counting methods, generating functions, graph theory, map coloring, block design, network flows, analysis of discrete algorithms.
ICS 421

ICS 421: Database System

Principles of database systems, data modeling, relational models, database design, query languages, query optimization, concurrency control data security.
ICS 635

ICS 635: Machine Learning

Introduction to key theoretical concepts of machine learning. Practical experience with decision free methods, artificial neural networks. Bayesian belief networks and contemporary statistical methods including regression, clustering and classification.

Fall 2009

MATH 311

MATH 311: Introduction to Linear Algebra

Algebra of matrices, linear equations, real vector spaces and transformations.
ICS 412

ICS 412: Operating Systems

Operating system structure, process creation and management, memory allocation and management, scheduling, protection.
ICS 675

ICS 675: Bioinformatics: Sequences Analysis

To expose students to bioinformatics at the biological sequences analysis level (DNA, RNA, proteins). Several bioinformatics methods and algorithms are introduced. Students are required to present one paper and to participate in a small group project. A-F only.

Spring 2009

ICS 312

ICS 312: Machine-Level and Systems Programming

Machine organization, machine instructions, addressing modes, assembler langauge, subroutine linkage, linking to higher-level languages, interface to operating systems, introduction to assemblers, loaders, and compilers.
ICS 451

ICS 451: Data Networks

Network analysis, architecture, digital signal analysis and design; circuit switching, packet switching, packet broadcasting; protocols and standards; local area networks; satellite networks; ALOHA channels.

Fall 2008

ICS 311

ICS 311: Algorithms

Design and correctness of algorithms, including divide-and-conquer, greedy, and dynamic programming methods. Complexity analyses using recurrence relations, probabilistic methods, and NP-completeness. Applications to order statistics, disjoint sets, B-trees and balanced trees, graphs, network flows and string matching.
ICS 321

ICS 321: Data Storage and Retrieval

Data storage devices, timing and capacity, programming for files, hashed and indexed files, introduction to relational database systems.
ICS 351

ICS 351: Network Design

Designing and building networks using routers and switches; Managing, monitoring, and finding problems with networks; learning elements of the TCP/IP protocol suite; Become familiar with network configuration of routers and hosts; Learning about routing protocols in use in the Internet; Learning elements of network security, including firewalls and NAT.

Spring 2008

ICS 211

ICS 211: Introduction to Computer Science II

Algorithms and their complexity, introduction so software engineering, data structures, searching and sorting algorithms, numerical errors.
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